Preparing Detroit and African immigrant’s youth to become leaders of tomorrow.

Are you ready to lead?

Value Proposition

• Connectivity
• Humanity,
• Respect
• OpportunityQ
• Community
• Integrity
• Quality
• Diversity
• Inclusiveness
• Collaboration
• Knowledge Sharing

Our Vision

DAYDO envisions a world where Detroit youths particularly those of African descent are strengthened and empowered for a better future with access to quality education, leadership, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and social innovation skills regardless of financial, geographic, political, and personal circumstances so they can be transformed and impact the world.

Our Mission

Daydo is on a unique mission to inspire, empower, and connect Detroit African immigrant youth to relevant life transforming opportunitiess by helping them identify, acknowledge and harness their potential for greatness as transformational leaders of tomorrow.
We believe that as the young minds of the future, youths have the power to reach out and grab the positive destiny they desire. The Detroit Youth African Development Organization is resolute in helping every young individual get there.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Everybody has something they can offer the world. By teaching the youth to celebrate their uniqueness, we can help individuals stand up and project themselves as individuals. What makes everyone great, is their own inner uniqueness. By working with our team of passionate mentors and counselors, we will help you find what makes you unique.

Connectivity, diversity, humanity and respect is everything. Detroit African Youth Development organization is trying to create tolerance, acceptance and peace among people.