Youth Development Through Sports

Building leaders starts with building confidence.

Soccer & Basketball Group Sports Activities

Sports help build discipline. Character strength and discipline are key attributes that help young children transition into being proud members of society. Service and dedication on the soccer field or basketball court help build strong success off the field.

Why Join

Here are a few reasons why you should join our sports program

Make A Difference

Sports games have a direct outcome. Participation and engagement can help make a difference in that outcome. Play your best, run your fastest, and give it your all to make a difference. Those attributes help children become adults that utilize those lessons learned in daily life.

Be a Leader

Everyone has a part to play on the court. Owning your responsibilities as a player and taking extreme ownership is what leadership is all about. These lessons learned while playing soccer or basketball can help a child become a leader.

Take A Stand

The clock is ticking and you need to take the shot. Maybe, it’s 30 seconds before halftime and you need another goal to tie it up. These moments build decisive decision-making skills which help in learning how to take a stand. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Develop and Grow with DAYDO

This latest program is here to drive athletic engagement and to help our youth learn those lessons
and positive values that sports can teach us.

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