Creating A Culture Of Leadership

Enhancing the lives of Detroit’s youth, one at a time

Providing quality programs and skills that youth need to grow is our passion. The youth are our leaders of tomorrow. By instilling in them the tools and strategies they need to engage in intelligent decision making, we can help prepare them for the multicultural challenges they will face in both youth and adulthood.

Our Origins

As parents, mentors and family members, we understand the challenges associated with raising the youth of today. The 21st-century has given youth immigrants incredible obstacles that they must overcome. This is especially true within the city of Detroit. Many of our students come from a socioeconomic status where the barriers to achieving success are even higher. The Detroit African Youth Development Organization was born to solve these critical challenges faced by youth everywhere. Ever since we opened our doors, we have remained dedicated and extremely passionate about helping children reach the level of development they were meant to reach.

We Believe That You Have The Potential For Greatness

The truth is, many young people from Detroit understand their situation, but don’t know how to go about changing it. We know that you have the drive and dedication to do great things. You just need someone to believe in you, stand up for you and provide a safe place for you to focus on your goals. What country you come from or what your circumstances are doesn’t matter, hard work and dedication can not be beaten.

We’re Here To Help You Find The Real You

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation