We have 120 Hospital Beds for Mali, But We Need Your Help Getting Them There. 

What is the State of Health in Mali?

The state of Mali in the last decade has been catastrophic. Plagued with conflict and violence, the people of Mali are unable to safely access life-saving treatments. The Center for Disease relates that the top 10 causes of death for the people of Mali include preventable diseases such as Malaria, Diarrheal diseases, Lower Respiratory Infections, and Malnutrition just to name a few. 

What Do The Stats Tell Us?

Infant Mortality Rate

59 per 1000 live births

compared to 5.4 per 1000 in the United States

Life Expectancy

Women: 62 years

vs. 79.1 years in US

Men: 58 years 

vs. 73.2 in the US

Hospital Bed: Population Ratio

1 hospital bed per 10,000 people 

Global average is 29 per 10,000

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $10,000 to Get These Supplies To The People Of Mali.

Our prophet Muhammad (s) has said to us Treat your sick people by giving charity.”

There is no better way to protect the health of you and your loved ones than giving to those in need. That is why we ask for your help in sending this lifesaving supplies to our brothers and sisters in Mali. Donate generously and you will be rewarded in this life and the next.
– Shaykh Ishack Samoura

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